French Way

The complete project includes 31 stages about a total distance of 775 kilometers to end up in the Cathedral de Santiago de Compostela/Saint James of Compostela. Our pilot project covers the first of these stages going from Saint-Jean-Pied-de-Port to Roncesvalles. It counts on more than 60 highly resolved panoramas and incidental music. Our objective is to produce the remaining 30 stages to offer the complete “French Way”. We are looking for financers and/or sponsors ready to support this project.

Objectives and purposes

1.- To promote the Way of Saint James by means of latest technology in a modern, interactive and aesthetic way to attract the public.

2.- To offer to the future pilgrims from Spain and the rest of the world the possibility to know about the Way and its surroundings, which might have a positive effect on local tourism demand in the area.

3.- Regarded as pioneers in using latest technology features, we would like to give the Way of Saint James the privileged range/position and prestige it deserves.

4.- To promote other values as there is the respect of any environmental aspect by learning details about the Way and its surroundings.

Individuals, entities or companies interested in participate in our financing, are offered, as a counterpart to any financing or sponsoring, the possibility to promote their products, services or any sector or activity related to their business. The fan could reach from general and specific media (technical, arts, travel, tourism, hostels, adverting and marketing agencies, etc.), playing at national or international level, on to manufacturers of equipment and supplies for the pilgrim (vehicles, outfit, etc.).